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Protecting Your Business

Whether you are navigating issues with a business breakup or are a multinational company seeking to enforce contractual rights, Tonnsen Bach handles your matter through business litigation with creativity, intelligence, diligence, and personal attention. Many businesses come to Tonnsen Bach with a small legal matter and remain clients for years, continuing to turn to Tonnsen Bach for advice to protect and grow their businesses. The attorneys at Tonnsen Bach solve our clients’ business problems.

business litigation attorney carrying briefcase in office

Business Law

Tonnsen Bach assists clients with disputes involving:

Shareholder Disputes

Shareholder disputes are sensitive and complex. Reaching a final resolution can be challenging. Whatever the cause of the dispute, our attorneys can assist in facilitating a solution.

Business Break-ups

If you are involved in a business break up or split, don’t attempt to handle it alone. Our attorneys can help you understand your options and move forward.


A contract dispute occurs when one party has a disagreement regarding contract terms, definitions, or performance. A contract breach can be material or minor. Let a Tonnsen Bach attorney help you determine what types of legal remedies might be available to you.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to the rules and regulations for securing rights to your trademark, logo, business name, or reputation. Partner with one of our attorneys and find out how your business’ goodwill is protected under the law.


Non-competition agreements are common and can affect your career or business. Whether you are seeking to enforce or avoid a non-compete, let our attorneys assist you.

Mechanic’s Lien

Mechanic’s liens typically refer to legal claims against property that has been remodeled or improved, in an attempt to recover unpaid money. If you are involved in a mechanic’s lien dispute, let our attorneys help.

Our attorneys are also equipped to handle cases involving: